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Travel:  For the Adventureous

Updated January 2015

BootsnAll Travel Network
Our favorite resource for the independent traveler.  The best part?  They are based in PORTLAND whoo-hoo!  The site offers travel guides, around the world travel advice, community boards, booking engine and much more.
Couchsurfing With over nine million worldwide members (over 17,000 in the Portland area!), this web site provides the ultimate in cheap accommodations.  And it's not just about finding a free place to sleep, it's about the connections you make with the host or hostess.  We've used this web site to couchsurf all over the US and highly recommend it, search for a couch or be a host!
Read stories, find a hitchhiking partner, read journals, check out the forums, see how Portland rates...from the web site:  "digihitch is a hitchhiking and road culture portal for all who are drawn to the road.  Hitchhiking is not recommended for minors and should be carefully considered by each traveler before hitting the highway."  Site closed down in April 2014
GlobalFreeloaders We've used this web site for our travels as well--similar to Couchsurfing.com, you'll find accommodations worldwide for the cost of an email.  Membership is free, sign up to host a traveler or search for a place to stay. 
Green Tortoise
Adventure travel on a budget in those so cool Green Tortoise buses.  Communal meals and road-tripping with people from all ages and walks of life, visit National Parks, take in a festival or even trek all the way down to Mexico and Central America.  Trips from 3 days to 28 days, if you're up for adventure then give this a shot!
Transitions Abroad
Travel guide to paid work, study, living, and volunteering abroad. Transitions Abroad was founded in 1977 and has a lot of great information.
Hospitality exchange community for hitchhikers and other travelers, currently in beta mode as they are building up their grassroots movement to spread the word.  Currently at over 500 members.

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