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Shopping:  Coupons

Updated January 2015
There are plenty of coupon web sites out there, and you could get bogged down with trying to keep track of so many.  Why not just try two?  We've marked these with an (*) below.

Chinook Book
Annual coupon book produced by Celilo Group Media, which emphasizes expanding the  marketplace for sustainable products and services.  The Portland Chinook Book provides over 600 hundred coupons for products and services that have reduced environmental impacts.
Choose Local
Support Portland area businesses!  It used to offer a free card to get merchant discounts, but now the site is more geared towards a guide for where to go.  Download the free mobile app and you can unlock some exclusive offers and discounts.
* Coupon Cabin
Easy to use and very popular and features over 200,000 coupons. Find coupons for groceries, free samples, free shipping offers, favorite deals, most used coupons and more. 
Coupon Clipper The Clipper magazine is sent out approximately every month and you'll find it in your mailbox.  Frequently they'll have a handful of local coupons, and then the middle sections have the national coupons for things like credit cards, security service, Dish products, etc.  In case you junked the hardcopy magazine, then you can go to this online counterpart.
* CouponTom
So easy to use!  Just type in the name of a product that you want to buy and the web site instantly checks to see if there is a coupon available for it.
Northwest Clipper
Published once a month, you will find this coupon-newspaper at local stores and service providers.  Coupons run the gamut from auto service, pizza, pet services, home services, tanning and more.  Go online to peruse your neighborhood and print out the coupon.
Portland Entertainment Book
One of our top three for saving money in Portland.  You can't go wrong with the two-for-one offers for restaurants, attractions, activities, shopping and more.  Order it online or during the fall sales season you can pick it up at your local library, bank, Walgreens or school fundraiser.
* RetailMeNot
Why you gotta check this site out:  whenever you do any internet shopping, there may be a special coupon code that could save you more money.  Users post, rate and order the discount coupon by its usefulness.  Over 50,000 retailers have been featured and over 500,000 discounts have been offered since 2006.  Easy to use and frequently updated.
You know that blue envelope stuffed with coupons that arrives to your mailbox every month or so?  Here's the web version of it; search the categories(auto, dining, general, etc.) in your zip code and print the coupon.
Other Coupons
Bed Bath & Beyond:  20% off single purchase, find it in the mailbox or in the Sunday Oregonian ads section.

Craft Warehouse:  40% off single purchase, typically found every week in the Sunday Oregonian.

JoAnn Fabrics:  40% off single purchase, typically found every week in the Sunday Oregonian.

Michaels:  40% off single purchase, typically found every week in the Sunday Oregonian.

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