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Portland On The Cheap:  Pet Owners

There's already a great list of resources on the web just for pet owners.  Here are our top picks.
    Updated July 2015

Animal Aid
The non-profit dog and rescue organization offers spay/neuter services,  pet workshops and classes, and no-interest loans to people who can't afford the veterinary care that their pet requires.  See web site for more information; they also have an incredible list of local pet resources under the 'Library' tab.
Cat Adoption Team
The Cat Adoption Team (CAT) is the Pacific Northwest’s largest nonprofit, no-kill cat shelter with its own full-service veterinary hospital on site.

A leader in the shelter community with its extensive shelter medicine, adoption, and foster care programs, CAT cares for 400 to 600 cats and kittens on a daily basis with the help of a dedicated team of staff and volunteers at CAT’s shelter in Sherwood, foster homes, and various outreach locations throughout the Portland metro area.  They also offer a cat food bank.

Click on the tab "Resources" for a very comprehensive list of cat owner resources.
Use the search feature to type in 'pets' for all sorts of services offered:  pet sitting, grooming, photography, walking, cleaning and more.  Need a bed, kennel, crate, carrier or other pet stuff?  Try the 'For Sale' section.
Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon
Submission from Olivia:
"The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon is a nonprofit spay/neuter program for stray and feral cats. Services include spay/neuter surgery, vaccines, treatment for fleas, ear mites and tapeworms, pain relief medication and an ear-tip for identification. There's a suggested donation of $30 per cat for these services, but any amount is encouraged. Humane live traps are also available. Visit www.feralcats.com to make an appointment or call 503-797-2606."
Oregon Humane Society
Plenty of resources for pet training, lost pets, pet memorials, pet friendly rentals, spay and neutering assistance, adoption, volunteer opportunities and more.
Portland Pooch
An online guide to all of the doggy resources the Portland area has to offer. Includes information such as doggy daycare, dog washes, dog-friendly housing, dog-friendly events, descriptions of every dog park in the region, local resources and much more. 
Spot Magazine
Monthly Northwest print magazine provides information, ideas and events of interest for animals and their people.  The magazine is also full of coupons for retail items, cleaning services, photos, training and much more.
Willamette Week Article
December 2008 cover story about pet health care.  Towards the end of the article is a nice resource list "Help for Paws and Claws."
Pet Supplies
Get to know and support your local neighborhood pet store with your patronage.  For cost savings, you can shop at national chains Petco and PetSmart and utilize coupons found at CouponCabin.com or just Google a search for coupons and the name of the pet store.  Local stores include Western Pet Supply, Nature's Pet Market NW Portland and Portland Pet Supply.

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