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Fitness & Healthcare:  Prescription Drugs

    Updated January 2015

Consumer Reports
Pay less for prescription drugs.  Log on to the Consumer Reports web site to find concise, readable summaries of drugs that were proved to be effective and affordable.  The information is free of charge, and you can print it out so that you can take it to your doctor and pharmacist.
Good Rx
GoodRx features prices from 70,000 pharmacies, including the big pharmacy chains, local pharmacies, and mail order companies.  Just enter the name of your prescription and your location and you'll get current prices, discounts and coupons from local and mail-order pharmacies in your area.
Needy Meds
Provides free and updated information on patient assistance programs.  Lists resources such as disease-based assistance, free/low cost clinics, discount drug cards, disease resource pages, government programs and much more.
Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines they need through the program that is right for them.  PPA has assisted nearly seven million people in the medicines they need for free or nearly free.  Go to the web site and click on "Get Help Now."
Pharmacy Reviewer
Reviews online pharmacies to help make it possible to buy medicines over the web safely and cheaply.  Includes a listing of recommended online pharmacies and blacklisted pharmacies. 

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