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Eats:  Lunch

    Updated January 2015

Costco $1.99 pizza slices, $1.75 hot dog with soda pop and a soft serve ice cream for $2?  And if you time it just right, you can also score some free food taste samples from around the store.  Membership required, see the website for all the locations around Portland.
IKEA Swedish meatballs, hot dogs, salads, combo plates and more at this very popular eatery inside the store on the 2nd floor.  Be prepared for long lines; alternatively, the bistro near the exit offers hot dogs, chips and soda for under a buck.
Stumptown Lunch.com "Reviewing the hip, cheap lunch spots in and around Portland, Oregon."  Check out the web site to read reviews based on cost factor, food category and recent posts.
Other Suggestions
Most Chinese restaurants have lunch specials that will include soup, egg roll and rice with entree.
Some Mexican restaurants also offer lunch plates that are a good value.
If dining out, just ask for any lunch specials!

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